Two students lining up blocks and knocking them over

Category 1 (Critical)

Westerville South HS

"I am supportive of the renovations to Westerville South High School. Students and staff should have access to facilities and classrooms that feel updated and innovative to create a strong learning environment."

Support Category 1 Projects

"It has been a long time building up to the changes being proposed. The time has come to address these issues."

Safety & Security Projects

"Safety and security is of utmost importance for our children. Our children deserve a safe and welcoming environment in which to learn."

New Middle School

"A middle school in the southern end of the district is very much a priority. Overcrowding of Heritage as well as students being unable to participate in after school activities due to the distance from their homes."

21st Century Learning Environment

"As a teacher at South, the condition of the building interferes with my ability to teach in a 21st Century way. Collaboration and technology are key to the 21st century, yet we lack outlets for computers and furniture conducive to collaboration."

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