High school students standing behind a box of canned goods

Category 2 (Important)

Historic Value & Heritage

"I truly do not agree to selling Emerson and Hanby. It is not only a district staple, but a community. It is part of Westerville schools heritage."

New Elementary School

"I would prefer to stay away from larger elementary schools. More schools that are smaller with smaller class size would be preferable."

Keep Hanby & Emerson Elementary

"Emerson feels like home. The atmosphere at Emerson is inviting & comforting. It feels peaceful & a general sense of calm. The rooms are large & big windows allow natural light."

Magnet Program

"Magnet programs must remain strong. Magnet programs are vital to meet the needs of parents and students and continue to make Westerville attractive to potential residents."

Address Capacity

"Most importantly, we feel at home with the small size and the close, caring community of administrators, educators, parents and students. It's these qualities that we most deeply desire to carry into the future."

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