High school students paying attention to a presentation in class

Category 3 (When Funds Allow)

Expansion of All-day Kindergarten Program

"All-Day K. I think we should head this direction for the majority of our kindergartens to remain on par with surrounding districts and demands of curriculum."

Annehurst Elementary

"Annehurst Elementary is in need of renovation and expansion. The classrooms need to be enclosed to allow for a better learning experience."

Support Furniture Replacement

"Updated, flexible furniture in the classroom can provide more opportunities to prepare students for the work environments they will be in as graduates. Flexible furniture can provide opportunities for instructors to engage stdts in team work, projects, & demonstrations without loosing transition time."

Aging Facilities

"Renovations need to made to keep schools/students safe."

Magnet Program

"I wish expansion of the magnet program and all day kindergarten could be a higher priority, but understand the rationale. Both magnet and all day kindergarten can have a major positive impact on WCS students early in their educational career."

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